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February 13, 2020


Adults wearing onesies to Michigan bar crawls is a hot, growing trend

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Royal Oak isn't far from me, and I can assure you its downtown is fast becoming the South Beach of Michigan.

A "hot, growing trend"? Riiight.

And these are the people who think it is OK to insult boomers? Mommy wants her basement back, guys.

Those are not onesies. They're furries.

"South Beach of Michigan" - Snork @wanderer

Wearing them in July and August would be a hot, growing trend as well.

I live in IN on the MI border. I'm very afraid.

I agree those are 'furries' rather than onesies. Onesies don't have legs and snap at the crotch. Maybe real onesies are what they wear in summer?

The faces of our future.

Winters are long there.

Onesie or furrie wearing bar crawls have been banned in Flathead County for many years. We DO have our standards!

Ya want to know what Hell is? It's being stuck in a hotel elevator packed with a bunch of 'frisky' Furries.

Since onesies typically don't have pockets, how do they pay for what they drink?

I will ask one of my sons some serious questions when he comes in from the fraternity this weekend

Could these leaders of tomorrow possibly be variants of the ever popular My Little Pony people?

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