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January 06, 2020


Wheel falls off plane seconds after takeoff from Montreal

(Thanks to Jay Brandes and Rod Nunley)


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Minor flames on landing gear can be ignored. Unless you are on the plane in question.

Someone remind the ground crew: Right tighty, lefty loosey.

But no hippos in the toilet. That's a plus.

Pilot: "Je n'ai pas besoin d'une roue puante !"

Mechanic: "Where did these lug nuts come from?"

That's why larger aircraft have more than one wheel/tire assembly on each landing gear. The aircraft can land safely with just one tire especially after dumping fuel. On the other hand, I changed aircraft tires for 20 years and never had one fall off.

JSTK - "flames are seen coming from the wheel prior to takeoff" - probably a bearing failure, not a lack of lug nuts.

wanderer - Unless it's English.

♫ You picked a fine time to leave me loose wheel.. ♫

wanderer2575--I bet there are some squirrels that know at least: "Lefty loosey."

No big deal. A plane doesn’t need any wheels to fly.

Generally not a good sign when you take something apart, put it back together, and there are parts left over.

Qaz--You are right an airplane doesn't need wheels to fly, but I always heard they are nice to have for landings.

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