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January 21, 2020


N.J. hates everyone and everyone hates N.J. in viral map.

(Thanks to pharmaross and Ranald Adams and Jeff Meyerson, who notes that only Florida hates itself)


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My color perception is a bit off, but it looks to me that Florida hates Florida the most.

What's Alaska got against Texas?

Rudolph, we actually have daylight and a livable climate in the winter time.

Beyond the expected result of adjacent states not liking each other, I detect college football-related hate here.

Why would South Carolina hate Ohio? Clemson fans hating Ohio State. Why would Louisiana and Arkansas hate Alabama? LSU and Arkansas fans.

Why would Texas hate Oklahoma, our clear inferior? Because somehow OU pays better than our schools, and so gets our best high school players.

Who we really hate is California, because they're all moving here and trying to turn us into the hellhole they just left!

Good time for Tom Lehrer to update his lyrics.

I wouldn't say that my North Carolina actually hates South Carolina. It's more like we just think we're better than they are.

Qaz, you got it.

Rudolph- old joke during the oil boom in Alaska-

Happiness is an Okie headed home with a Texan under each arm.

Ah, thanks Stever, now it makes sense.

Why would New Mexico hate Texas? Kinky Friedman claims New Mexico is just Far West Texas,

Le Pet, before 1850, it was.

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