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January 16, 2020


This blog is not kidding.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Couldn’t he have just unscrewed the nut himself?


They should have just used a jeweler's saw. That's what we used in the ER when we had to cut a wedding ring off a man's "todger". He had placed it there himself and alcohol was involved. As for this guy I wouldn't think about divorce. I'd definitely divorce her without a second thought.

I wonder how an insurance company would handle a claim for a "Strangulated todger?"

He's lucky she didn't disconnect the tool while servicing.

I would have to be *very* asleep not to feel that happening. Zip ties would have been quicker...

Angry wife used super glue on her (soon to be ex) cheating husband's todger to attach it to his lower abdomen. Being a local surgeon, he went to the city for treatment seeking anonymity-that didn't happen.

What's the torque for a todger nut?

Did that todger nut have left hand or right hand threads?

I wouldn't think the sparks should have been nearly as big a concern as the saw blade that produced them. Especially if it slipped.

Righty tighty...lefty loosey.

Le Petomane - Oh, they know a thing or two, because they've seen a thing (or two).

In this day and age can't we call the male appendage what it is, a "tallywhacker".

nursecindy: Steel is a lot harder than gold, and a jeweler's saw or hacksaw is going to a long time and multiple blades to cut through a nut big enough to fit on a todger. This is a case where you want MORE POWER. An alternative is a hydraulic nutcracker, but that would bodge the todger as well.

He was offered a role Jack Dawkins in the Broadway revival of Oliver Twist.

He ought to make a terrific Artful Todger.

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