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January 28, 2020


Man Carrying Stolen Mannequin Arrested for Burglarizing Arcata Plaza Storefront

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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That's so he could make his getaway in the HOV lane.

I thought of that too, wanderer.

"So what were you planning to steal then, sir?"

I stayed at the Robinson Carlton Richie in Boca Raton some years ago.

From his mugshot I believe his psychiatric evaluation would take six pages to complete. This is the same number of times he was arrested in a month. Perhaps this dude was shooting for some kind of record?

Intoxication, eh? Yeah, look at those eyes. They don't match.

But he hired O.J.'s defense team and won an acquittal.

Sude, the late Doug Henning called. He wants his hairdo back.

Six arrests in a month? Is he single? Asking for a friend.

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