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January 08, 2020


Samsung unveils ‘Ballie,’ a ball-shaped robot that rolls around your home

(Thanks to Dave N., who says "Probably not for homes with dogs.")


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So basically it's a little ball that protects your house by following you around and nagging you to get more exercise. I already have an iWatch that threatens to call 911 if I don't start moving a little bit so I definitely don't need this. Now if they could figure out a way to put your ashes in this so you can continue to nag your kids or spouse long after you're gone they might have something.

This might be a good replacement for a cat. And it doesn't shed. Nor do you have to clean out its litter box.

For the guy who slung his genitals.

I foresee kids programming this thing to be in front of Dad every time he walks down the stairs.

Knowing how stable the batteries this companys products are, Finding your 'ballie' is just a matter of following its singed trail.

Another reason to memorize the phrase,'Klaatu Barata nikto.'

I don't need some little robot following me around nagging me to do things. I'm a married man and my wife does this for free.

What Frank said!

Older and even more useful: an alarm clock that runs away so you have to get up to catch it. https://clocky.com/

JaniceG, A Dr. Phil alarm is just as effective....

(At the preset time) "You better wake up! You better wake up!..."

(When you press snooze) "What the hell are you thinkin'?"

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