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January 04, 2020


Albuquerque man accused of robbing drug store with umbrella

(Thanks to Le Petomane)


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We New Mexicans have a ways to go before we catch up with Florida, but our team has a lot of potential.

He resembles several of The Stones.

The Penguin made him to do it.

Another TSA banned item.

"Quick, Chief O'Hara! To the Bat-signal!"

Now Michael Johnson is Bluer than Blue.

(Geezer alert.)

Why would anyone need an umbrella in New Mexico? Have you ever seen the rain, Le Pet?

I wanna know: have you ever seen the rain?

Qaz--It actually rains in the desert. But when it does the shawmen sacrifice a goat to make it go away.

Wait a minute..."the items were recovered." Did that include what he'd already eaten?

The man was accused of robbing a drug store with an umbrella. What about drug stores that don't have umbrellas?

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