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January 16, 2020


A Florida woman who fed vultures, alligators and other wildlife behind her gated-community home has agreed to pay $53,000 to settle a lawsuit brought by homeowners association.

(Thanks to Kevin Smith)


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Since it's a HOA, the penalty probably breaks down to $3,000 for the defecation and vomiting, and $50,000 for using the wrong color recycling bin.

Everyone complains about HOA's until the scumbag next door to you starts flying a Nazi flag, or decides their front lawn is a good place to park their new car project up on blocks that will not be finished before the entire thing turns to rust in about 40 years. Or paints their home a particularly bright fuchsia, or any number of things that make any equity in your home vanish. So just calm down, take a deep breath and be thankful every time you cut that check to your HOA.

wanderer, the $50,000 is for having the wrong species of vulture. The black vulture has a black head, while the turkey vulture has a red one, and that's likely where the color violation resides.

My feeling is that the turkey vulture would be more appropriate, since its name accurately describes most HUAs.

Finger sandwiches????

@Zeppo, chill out. If you read the blog for awhile you would know that sarcasm reigns supreme here, and that was the basis of the comment. (You also would know the minutia on which some HOAs take a stand is a subject of much ridicule.)

@wanderer, I told you to clam down, and you tell me to chill out? That's basically the same thing I said. Not very original. Do you normally steal other peoples words? I bet you're a thief, and often wrong, right?

However I like how you added the word minutia. Good word, almost makes you seem sort of intelligent, except that you steal things other people say. But that's cool. Plus I would guess that I've been reading this blog, (it's less a blog, and more of a funny drudge report), for many years.

Now come back at me, with something original, I'll be grading you.

At least she wasn't feeding lawyers or presidential candidates.

I wonder what the Florida woman fed the vultures and alligators. And has anyone seen her husband lately?

worth repeating

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