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January 31, 2020


Man arrested after walking two mules on roadway in Paso Robles

(Thanks to pharmaross, who says "Get your ass out of the way.")


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When this guy decided to break bad, he didn't make a half-ass attempt.

'.. he claimed he had a right to be in the road and it was everyone else's responsibility to slow for him.'
And stay the hell off his lawn!

You never know the story of a man until you have a mule in his shoes

May have gotten away with it if he'd hung 'slow moving vehicle' triangles on the mules.

They are welcome on the roads of Flathead County.

Even better if they (the mules) learn to bark.

Does Sister Sara know about this ?

I thought it was only a hazard if they were too stubborn to stop standing in the middle of the road.

Two Mules for Sister Sara - I remember this western, Clankie.

Qaz--If I remember correctly, I thought they overpaid for Sister Sarah.

Sounds just like a man who would own mules.

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