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January 16, 2020


Naked woman at Miami Airport performs striptease in front of confused passengers

(Thanks to Allen at Division)

This blog is in that airport all the time. But, tragically, not this time.


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I guess it did make it easier for her to go through the TSA security. Right now I'm wondering how many blog guys are thinking, "Why doesn't stuff like this ever happen when I'm around?"

I believe she was going to fly United.


"Why doesn't stuff like this ever happen when I'm around?"

Then, if it does, it's not anyone we'd ever want to see naked. (o.O)

My wife was once on the subway going to work. In the tunnel between Brooklyn and Manhattan, a woman suddenly stood up, walked over to a guy sitting there minding his own business on the way to work, and announced loud enough for the entire car to hear, "Look at the man with the feather in his hat. He's cute. How about a quickie before we get to Wall Street." The guy didn't know where to look first. She took off her coat and pushed her dress down off one shoulder, then fixed it and sat back down as if nothing happened.

How does a naked woman perform a striptease?

I remember the scene from 'Airplane' where the TSA were carefully studying the security scans of a pretty and jiggly woman while in the background we saw terrorists carrying in rocket launchers.

Much more interesting than the ever-repeating 15-minutes of CNN that passengers are subjected to.

And oddly enough, *this* time the naked person was not unattractive...

Hey, they need some entertainment at the worst airport in the world.

"Don't look, Ethel!"

Those could be a show of a pair of fake Real ID's for all we know.

man tom, your comment reminds of a trip I took to Turkey in 2015. There were places selling watches, and their signs read, "Genuine Fake Rolexes."

I swear I am not making this up. And it was the most honest advertising I'd seen maybe ever.

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