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January 07, 2020


Englewood suspect shouts curses at neighbors, slings genitals at deputies

(Thanks to Rick Stevenson)


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say what????
I might need a more descriptive explanation but tastefully please.

The only genitals I've ever seen were attached to the body. Except for the time one guy decided to cut a log in half, with a chainsaw, by laying it across his lap but I'd rather not talk about that.

Slinging Genitals opened for The Swingin' Medallions.

I'm seeing a new XMEN mutant....SLINGMAN. Don't mess with him or that blonde at McDonalds.

Reminds me of the Old Army Marching Song:
Does your d**k hang low?
Can you swing it to and fro?
Can you sling it 'cross your shoulder
like an infantry soldier?
Does your d**k hang low?

Forgot two lines (just before "Can you sling it..."):
Can you tie it in a knot?
Can you tie it in a bow?

I think I heard about this kind of thing in stranger danger class.

Was this the sequels to Slingblade?

I thought this was a joke, given the apparent call letters of what I assumed was a fake station on an Onion-like site. Turns out it's a real TV station.

I like the note at the bottom where they ask you to report typos or errors. "Slinging" isn't either one, really, but I'd be curious to know in which journalism school the author honed his/her writing style.

I read this as "sings genitals at deputies", which is an even more disturbing image. Ah, the joys of senior optics...

Let's not forget:
'Yank my doodle it's a dandy
yank my doodle it's a joy . . . '

On the bright side, he won't be able to reproduce.

Lorena Bobbitt did something similar once.

It was all a mis-understanding. He planned on going to 'Cats' so he got high and put on the original Broadway cast album. Due to his impaired state, he unfortunately put on a copy of Glen ‘Travis’ Campbell’s hit ‘Genitals on My Mind’.

That’s when the police showed up and told him to dis-arm himself.

Genital Slinger toured with Steely Dan.

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