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January 03, 2020


Carjacker on meth abducts man and his pet goat from Missouri adult store

(Thanks to LSchutjer, David Leary, Le Petomane, Jerry Whittle, Roberto, DaninDallas, pharmaross, Jay Brandes, Not My Usual Alias and Fred Rosenberger, who says "Is "kidnapped" too easy?")


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This is a much better New Year's celebration than the gal who shot the wall. I counted 21 red flags here. Truly impressive.

Looks like Woody Harrelson. In fact, this whole story sounds like an episode of "Cheers".

I saw Carjackers on Meth open for Zappa in '85.

Helluva show.

This criminal sounds like a really Baaaaaaaaad dude.

I am still worried about the goat...I don't think this healthy role-modeling.

Even if the goat was consenting, taking livestock across state lines without a permit may be a capital offense.

That kid should be placed in a good foster home.

The accused guy claims the cops got it all wrong. He was abducted by a demon-infested goat. Then it forced to hijack a car and take meth. Then that evil goat forced him to go on the most terrifying road trip ever. He was just an innocent victim. And that goat was not just kidding around.

I suppose the goat may have been the designated driver.

The goat had to stay in the van because it was an adult store, and he was only a kid.

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