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January 13, 2020


Girl's eyelashes ripped out after double-ended dildo hits her at Bongo's Bingo

(Thanks to Bob Brogan, John Lobert and pharmaross)


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There are a zillion bingo parlors in Texas, but I can guarantee none of them have people in them dancing with sex toys. I can also guarantee you wouldn't want to see the usual denizens doing that, either.

But Double Dildo Bingo Parlor would make a great band name.

I think we can say, in all honesty, that here's a headline we never thought we'd see.

Rod Nunley is right that this couldn't have happened in Texas---too easy to get in big trouble with the law there. This could be a Las Vegas story, but aren't double ended dildos banned under the Geneva Convention?

I believe Dancing with Dildos opened for Bowie back in the Studio 54 days.

Despite the accident, Tegan continues to laugh and dance clearly seeing the funny side of what happened..
Obviously there was a lot of alcohol involved because I'm not seeing any funny side to ripping out your eyelashes. On the other hand I've never danced with a dildo so maybe I'm missing something. Her mother must be so proud.

Can't wait to see Bongos new ad campaign.

Steely Dan laughs at your puniness.

Bongo's Bingo opened for Oingo Boingo when they were on their Phallic tour.

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