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January 03, 2020


You can’t stop a shaken beer can from fizzing over by tapping it, study finds

(Thanks to Dave N.)


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I prefer to do my own frequent and extensive research on this matter.

The key phrase is "1,000 cans were successfully tested on a Friday", making this study sound more like a candidate for publication in the Journal of Irreproducible Results.

"...tapping the si de of the can before opening it can keep the beer inside from fizzing over."

Horrible experimental design as everyone knows tapping on the TOP of the can will reduce fizzage.

Why can't I ever be asked to join in valid and useful scientific studies such as this one?

Also, to risk losing good beer due to fizzing, simply open it over a larger mug. See, problem solved.

The science is settled.

Obviously the Hawthorne Effect biased this study. The beer knew it was being watched.

I always just grin and beer it.

Cheezwiz is partially correct. Tapping on the side is ineffective and tapping only with the finger is also not optimum. The tap must be done on top of the can with a heavy ring. This study must be junked and a remodeled study done as soon as possible.

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