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January 30, 2020


Deputies said a man walked into a McDonald’s in Kissimmee on Sunday night wearing an employee uniform, walked behind a cash register and helped another man place an order.

Seconds later, the cash register drawer opened, and surveillance footage showed the man posing as a worker grab some cash before running out one door of the restaurant, while the other man ran out of the other door.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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The Hamburglar strikes again!! Robble, robble...

The tipoff should have been when the order came back correctly...that's NO McDonalds employee.

None of the real employees noticed a stranger suddenly working the cash register and taking orders from customers?

"Never look a stranger in the face" - From 'The official guide to Florida">

Novel. Specifically a Dave Barry novel.

So...saucy thieves get their patties into the cash register and hustle their buns, leaving management in a pickle. Lettuce hope they are caught.

nursecindy, the guy could have walked behind the counter wearing a Ronald McDonald costume, or even the creepy Burger King costume, and none of the real employees would have noticed.

Bravo Clankie!! Well done!
So true, wanderer. I worked at McDonald's when I was in high school. I probably wouldn't have noticed a stranger either.

He self-bonused himself for giving the customer such exceptional service.

I'm surprised they still take cash, what with the lost art of making change.

I wonder if the guy wearing the McDonald's uniform could have been a real employee of a McDonald's here in Flathead County? Getting caught improves the odds that he is.

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