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January 05, 2020


There was pandemonium at the Kotoka International Airport when a lady with a huge backside entered the terminal

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Her travel destiny is a middle seat assignment in Coach, on a sold out 8-hour flight.

Did they all start singing Baby Got Back by Sir Mix-A-Lot?

If this lady manages to get into an airplane lavatory, it will take buckets of K-Y Jelly to get her out.

You are required to have a "wide load" sign clearly displayed to move anything that big in Flathead County.

Did they make her buy the whole row of seats?

Le Pet, I was thinking more like bearing grease.

Le Pet

Since the flight originated in Africa, the plane would have to be diverted to Buttswanna if she got stuck in the lavatory.

From there, emergency paramedics would board with the jaws of life to free her.

She would of course be billed thousands of dollars for costs to the airlines. If she didn't pay up, she technically would be in 'arrears'.

Those Kardashians seem to do a lot of traveling.

And Ed McMahon said "show big is it?".

"A word to the thick soul sisters
I wanna get with ya, I won't cuss or hit ya"

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