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January 27, 2020


Chipata police arrest Mungomba Ngoma for threatening to shoot a PF member in the buttocks

Manila Mayor Francisco “Isko” Domagoso ordered authorities on Sunday to find a Chinese national who allegedly defecated in a large flower pot within the historic Intramuros district.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Those Third World Strong Men. Mayor Francisco should adopt the policies of San Francisco and encourage defecation EVERYWHERE. Then promote an app that tell a person where to step. OK, remind me. Which country is "civilized"?

Interesting reporting in the first story. So they insert a completely unrelated story into the middle of another. Think of how some of the Flathead County reports would read if they did that.

Rod Nunley--You sure nailed this reporting. But it is shocking to think we could ever hold up the Flathead County police report as an example of sane journalism.

"Together with the vehicles, there were three people that were arrested.."
That's pretty hard-core: they arrest vehicles there, too.

Rod & Le Pet - suddenly, a shot rang out!

If you're going to be shot, I suppose the buttocks is the best place. Unless you work in an office.

I read that as "Miami mayor" at first, and it made perfect sense.

"Isko" Domagoso once performed an amazing rap version of Styx's "Mr. Roboto." Domo arigato to you all.

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