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January 02, 2020


Home Depot said driver meant 'See you next time' on delivery slip acronym, according to angry customer

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Reminiscent of when North Texas State University changed its name some years ago to University of North Texas.

They decided not to reflect the change in the campus radio station's call letters. They left them as KNTU.

People in Seattle seem to get all nerved up easy. Maybe they should slow down drinking so much Starbucks coffee.

I think we should make all acronyms illegal. I'm tired of seeing drug ads on TV asking me if I have IBS, BPH, or something else that I have to think about because I don't know what they're talking about. Actually I'm tired of all the drug and lawyer ads on TV so maybe we should just do away with those. As for this woman, I despise that word but in this case I think it was a mistake. Le Petomane, get me some more coffee now!

She talked to the store, they talked to the driver, and they gave her an explanation. What else does she want? As the saying goes -- "Suppose we refund your money, give you another one without charge, close the store, and have the manager shot. Would that be satisfactory?"

I notice she wasn't so distraught and frightened that she wasn't able to get on Twitter and broadcast her harrowing experience to the world.

The Home Mofo

This has all the makings of a (very soon to be developed) employee training video. Sadly, such things are most often inflicted upon 99.9% of the population who don't at all need the coaching.

Le Pet, they should stop drinking that Starbucks stuff altogether, because, well, it's just no damn good.

Skeeter, I think you've hit upon the secret company motto there.

I'm impressed they were able to come up with that explanation so quickly.

How can we judge whether or not it is obscene when we’re not allowed to see it?

I can’t imagine how SYNT (if that’s what it said, as they implied) could be construed as obscene.

Ohhh, I get it now.

Should have simply wrote, Be In Touch Call Back.

According to acronym dictionary it means
Cute Unique Nice and Talented
She just can't take a complement.

I remember two:
Columbia University Nurses Training School. Startup name didn't last very long.

And, when Atlantic Coast Line And Seaboard Airlines railroads were going to merge they were going to name the new road the Atlantic Seaboard Systems until someone asked what letters they were going to put on the boxcars.

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