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January 08, 2020


A petition was submitted to the State Medical Board requesting that being a fan of the Cleveland Browns or Cincinnati Bengals be considered as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana prescriptions.

(Thanks to Ralph, Redwing65 and Jay Brandes)


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Being a Detroit Lions fan should also qualify for a full load of sedatives.

Anybody see the Carolina Panthers play this year? Sign us up too.

Chicago Bears... Chicago Bulls... Chicago Blackhawks

Pitchers and catchers report soon, so watch this space for updates

Wanderer2575, I think Detroit Lion fans are eligible for assisted suicide.

@LeDud, that's pretty dark.

I'll throw my vote in for Dallas Noboys.

I'd say Browns and Lions fans should have been eligible for this one for decades.

No, that's only for Broncos fans. It's legal there.

I just saw diabetes on the list. Woo-hoo! Gonna get me some medical marijuana! Not.

Possibly their fans should be offered a marijuana card with each game ticket purchased? This business plan would be a success for every team I ever rooted for.

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