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January 24, 2020


Natick Police arrest parking lot pooper.

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, Michael Parry, Al Barkafski, Matt Filar, pharmaross and Beth)


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Meanwhile, she's planning to flee to San Francisco, since it's a defecator sanctuary city.

Ironically, the look on her face in the mugshot is the EXACT look the store owner's face made every time he discovered one of her deposits.

Also found at the scene were scented candles, potpourri and assorted magazines. Investigators thereby determined that human waste not animal waste was found at the scene.

I imagine the police had a lot to go on.

@ Marc- To be specific, a copy of TV Guide from 1979, featuring BJ & the Bear..

Key quote:

”“At first, they thought it was an animal but then they noticed toilet paper and other wipes – items animals would not have access to,” Rossi said.”

Never underestimate what squirrels are capable of procuring.

Now she's in deep do-do.

To me, this isn't funny, it's sick.

If she has a full time job, presumably she is not homeless. Get some help, lady.

Jeff Meyerson--You are quite correct about serial poopers needing mental health counseling. When I worked in mental hospitals we learned that encopresis or elimination disease in adults is usually due to abuse or bullying during childhood.
This lady certainly does need help.

That report said she's a "pillar of the community", and actually gave out her home address ..? What the what?

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