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January 21, 2020


You're out of your mind. Here's a handy visitors' guide!


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Blank screen.


If you have exhausted your monthly allotment of free Miami Herald article views, Google "Dave Barry Super Bowl Guide".

Hope that helps.

Great article! I could feel the true essence of Miami with each sentence which is why I'm staying home and watching this year's Super Bowl on TV.

I have $50 .. I think "Nursecindy Stadium" has a nice ring to it, don't you?

Wow, I hadn't heard that the fatality rate due to python was all the way down to 40%. That's real progress.

Thanks folks, worth the search!

The Driving in Miami bullet points are so very funny. Failed to mention is the idea of driving 70mph on a crowded highway when everyone else is flying around you at 105mph pausing their text briefly to motion obscene hand gestures as peel off your back bumper and fly by.

Can we actually say " Super Bowl " ? Or are we legally required to say" The Big Game "...?

Paywall. Good thing I remembered my Secret Blog Paywall Password we all got when we passed iniation!

This is when my office goes into Productivity Enhancer mode, with half the people collecting for betting squares from the other half.

And I endorse Nursecindy Stadium.

I have another $10 to kick in for Nursecindy Stadium.

We've been down here for two weeks now and I have yet to see a Floridian use a turn signal once.

Does Walter have a ticket, or is he going to work the game as a yardage marker?

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