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January 11, 2020


Actor claimed his bulge was considered ‘too large for television’

(Thanks to Doug Ogg and pharmaross)


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By bulge we mean his gut dont' we ?

This explains why I didn't have a TV career.

I think we're going to need nursecindy to check in here to answer: what kind of "pills" are we talking about, exactly?

Now we know the origin of the phrase "Boy Wonder."

Aren't his 15 minutes used up yet?

To be honest Jeff, I have no idea. I've never had a male patient ask me, or any doctors I know, how he could make his bulge smaller. I'm sure playing Robin was the role of a lifetime but sometimes you just have to walk away with your dignity, and bulge, intact.

This might explain why Commissioner Gordon only sent out Bat Signals, but never a Robin Signal.

Why not just strap it down (or up) like the male ballet dancers do?

I guess we now know where some of the "Bam! Pow!" stuff was coming from.

For some odd reason, it only looked bigger when he was on the set with Batman.

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