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January 20, 2020


In its 2020 advertising campaign, North Dakota urges travelers to "follow your curiosity—not the crowds," a nod to the state's wide-open and sparsely populated attractions.

Incredibly, this campaign fails to mention a major attraction in Grand Forks.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Well, it did say "sparsely populated attractions," and I assume Dave's lift station is so popular they have to give out timed tickets to visit it.

North Dakota sounds too cold. I prefer to bask in the warm sunshine of South Dakota.


I'm interested in what happened when Dave started flipping those switches.

A friend told me that North Dakota gets so cold even yetis and an occasional abominable snowman have been found frozen.

I'm just glad we have North Dakota as a buffer region to prevent Canada from marching in and capturing South Dakota

There are other tourist attractions - let's not forget that Hastings (head west on route 80, hang a right at Grand Island) (or east on Route 80 and hang a left) is the home of Kool Aid.

I have been to North Dakota. There is a simple trick on how to view about 90% of the state:
1. Rent a pickup truck
2. Drive into the prairies (20 minutes from any city)
3. Stand on the truck bed and with binoculars you can see about 200 miles in any direction.
4. That's it. Nothing else to see, you can go home.

QAZ--You are correct about "nothing to see here, folks," in Nodak until just a few years ago when they dedicated the Dave Barry Memorial Sewage Lift Plant #2 in Grand Forks. People who have visited the memorial claim it's so stunning it will take your breath away.

So they changed their slogan from "At least we're not New Jersey"?

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