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January 06, 2020


The Charmin Rollbot is a relatively simple piece of equipment that’s more of a “if this then this” machine than anything else. It has an “antenna” inside that “receives a signal from a stranded person mid-go.” The robot has infrared sensors to allow it to navigate through hallways and rooms. It has a “TP Holder” on its head to keep safe a “payload of one roll of Charmin.”

(Thanks to Asher Scheiner and pharmaross)


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Flailing arms in wiping motion, "Danger Will Robinson."

Now we need a robot that will replace a roll when that idiot from Accounting forgets to do so.

I think the inventors had you-know-what for brains.

Coincidentally there's an old Farside Comic with similar subject matter posted today. Scroll down some.


If I were in a restroom and a robot came toward me, the first words that would come to mind are: "Klaatu Barada Nikto."

Can you spare a square?

What happens to the porta-potty when it can't find a valid I Pee address?

Penalty flag thrown at PirateBoy. That was truly awful. Well done !

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