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January 21, 2020


Just, no.

(Thanks to B'game and Mac demere)


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What's next, a National Satan Worship Day? That would be pretty much the same thing.

Maybe it's a sting operation. Big sign saying "Come down this tunnel for your free sunflower seeds!" leading down the the squirrel processing plant.

It wasn't Barry Manilow


Did they misspell " extermination ' ?

Did the squirrels once have a national human's day?


Is there a possibility that squirrels are simply rats in pimped out furry coats?

It is just a ploy to get us to trust squirrels, you know: like putting a jeweled silken collar on a rabid pit bull.

Rod, A red squirrel is Satan in a fur coat.

I'm disappointed. I was hoping it was a link to another fashion show.

Appreciate them on their special day — fried, baked or stewed.

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