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January 16, 2020


People are redecorating Christmas trees for Valentine's Day so they can keep them up

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Smph! These influencers these days ..

In Texas, you leave the lights up and just open a Mexican restaurant.

He's not kidding, folks

Sounds to me like some people are just too lazy to take down their trees. I like to decorate for Christmas and I also do a little decorating at Halloween. But, there is no way I'm going to start decorating for Valentine's Day.

People? Who are these so-called people?

I've been using a leaf-blower to decorate the back of our lot with piles of leaves. Maybe I'll work up a pile shaped like a heart to redecorate for Valentine's Day. Perhaps some squirrels will appreciate the gesture.

I checked with a friend whose wife is really into Christmas decorations and he said that she considered doing the Valentine thing, so I guess it is real. But in the end they are taking the decorations down this weekend!

MOTW, I live near that place. This year, it was even featured in a couple of British newspapers. They had such crowds that they started closing early to mitigate the traffic.

They put up the "additional" lights in October, and leave them up through February, so people who couldn't get in around Christmas can see them. Probably 60% (maybe more) of what you see here stays up year-round.

From the headline "How to keep your tree erect." I immediately thought scientists had developed a long-lasting tree Viagra.

That'll make for one heck of a corsage.

Is it really true? I will check this link to find out. Check https://resume-chief.com/blog/resume-format this website later.

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