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January 21, 2020


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Is this a Les Nessman stunt ? (and he knows they can't fly)

They can't fly, but some of their close relatives can walk on the water.

While passed out you could slip them into furry coats and people would then suspect a squirrel population explosion.

If you think Dave is exaggerating, mais non, non aim. We're 70 odd miles north of Miami and the local weather guy announced that tonight will be the coldest night in Palm Beach County in the last two years! So break out the monks, ladies (and/or gents).

PypeTad doesn't seem to recognize French. It was supposed to be "mon ami" up there.

Don't we already have enough to worry about? We have fish falling from the sky, attacking squirrels, the possibility of venomous pitohul birds migrating from Australia and some island just to the North along with the return of 'Snooki.'
Add in a plague of falling iguanas and all we can say is "Oh the humanity!

I saw Falling Iguanas open for Napoleon XIV


Sheesh. That one was my error.

I'm tired and iguana go home.

Cold stunned lizards can be revived by playing loud music.

Try "Iguana Hold Your Hand".

Option 2

"All Iguana Do Is Have Some Fun..."

(until the sun comes up over Santa Monica Boulevard)

P.S. Jeff- We're breaking out the 'monks' here too, so they can pray for warmer weather.

"It's Raining Iguanas" is one of the lesser known dance numbers from the late 70's.

The latest from the National Weather Service: "As of 6am, the low in #Miami (MIA) is 41°, the coldest observed temperature since Dec 28, 2010."

No word yet on whether the Iguanas have, in fact, Fallen.

It is a little chilly here this morning, as wiredog said. (But since we are not leaving the house until the temperature is more reasonable than 41, I don't care.) And lest you think Dave jests (well, more than usual), I actually saw the Iguana thing on the local news down here last night. But no, we haven't seen any actual iguanas (who opened for Black Sabbath) in our two weeks in Florida.

Update: Even the NY Times recognized the "falling iguana" story as newsworthy today.

/end update

Jeff thanks for the correction on the minks, I was very confused.

You’re gonna need a bigger umbrella!

Oh my word. That sounds bad. LOL

41 is unreasonable?!! Get your caboose up north and freeze with the rest of us.

Speaking of Dead Pythons...

*thump* *thump*

Ah, the pitter patter of iguanas on the roof..... In Wisconsin we have squirrels that do this. An occasional raccoon. Never possums, I don't think they can climb high enough.

Jeff, that is not my minkey. >wink<
@Dennis 71-72: that's just evil

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