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January 24, 2020


Revolting video shows woman devouring bat amid coronavirus outbreak

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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An illustration of the phrase, "gone batty,"

It turns out she sings for a Black Sabbath tribute band.

Revolting Video opened for the 8 Tracks.

The South Korean film, old boy, the guy eats a live octopus. It's actually not bad.


Ozzie Osbourne set a bad example.

The use of chopsticks is a delicate touch.

A man can be heard in the background saying in Chinese, “Eat the meat!"

How can you have any pudding?

Where's the beef?

Not looking nope nope.

Only The Post brings you the important news.

@maryqos, I'm with you
@pogo - SNORK

Not judgmental at all!

I had a Corona virus one after I drunk 10 bottles of that Mexican beer. I was sick and I don't drink it anymore, so I am Corona virus resistant.

Qaz---There are two other Mexican viruses that are usually caught at night just when you are having fun. They are tequilaitis and Tecatesus. Neither are deadly, but they can make you wish you were dead.

So, the rabies will eat the corona viruses, is that the idea?

During my tenure in the Air Force I had the privilege to visit most of the other countries on the rest of the planet. Incidentally this is why I cherish the USA so. I discovered that folks generally eat whatever is available. I also discovered that I had to eat whatever was available or go hungry. I have consumed all sorts of rodents, fungus, weird plants, sea creatures, and insects. Now that I stay in the Midwest, I live exclusively on a diet of Twinkies and Beer.

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