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January 25, 2020


Eighteen years after their dedication, Dave Barry sewage pumps need work

(Thanks to Doug in Sacramento)


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Hey Dave, they call you a "humorist" in this article.

They need to wait in line while "higher priority projects" go first? Like what? The wall with Canada?

A benefit concert isn't enough. How about a telethon?

An RBR tour with proceeds split between local literacy and the sewage pump replacement?

The T-shirts are already designed from the last gig

That's my goal in life, to outlive my sewage pumps. Congrats Dave on this milestone!

"...Public Works staff might replace the station’s drives, which are mechanisms that turn on and regulate its pumps."

I, for one, have never thought that Dave Barry lacked drive.

I think I remember Sewage Pumps openng for The Remainders.

In an effort to postpone expensive drive surgery, the frugal folks of Grand Forks are exploring the idea of holding a "Flush a Viagra Day" fund raiser with the highlight of the celebrations being a performance by the(award winning?) University of North Dakota Marching Kazoo Band.
May The Drive be with them.

and just whose sewage pumps do not need work?

They should do this right. Where do the Kardashians get their works done ?

Grand Forks will be flush with excitement at the idea of a concert. Call it Poop Aid.

It is called "Lift Station", because it takes this sh@#t to another level.

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