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January 31, 2020


Bumblebee Vomit: Scientists Are No Longer Ignoring It

(Thanks to Alkali Bill, who says he saw them open for Adam Ant)


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If I barfed on my honey, my stinger would get kicked.

Oh boy so that they can regurgitate the necter up and the rest of the nest can have some nectar.

The one comment about bumblebee vomit --"How fast can they barf it back up?"- could cause this to become a major sports event. People could name their favorites, maybe 'Speedy MC Puke or 'Fast Dumper?'
They could hold competitions, televise the races and place bets.
The event could rival cockroach races because we know people only watch those for the wrecks.

I've been enjoying their tuna in sandwiches for years.

The New York Times wants me to subscribe so I can finish reading an article about bumble bee vomit. I think I'll pass.

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