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January 16, 2020


Expert reveals how mushrooms and seaweed could save humanity after Armageddon because they are the only crops that will survive

(Thanks to Roberto)


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I was shopping at Costco last weekend. The product hawkers were stationed at the end of every other aisle which slowed shopping traffic considerably.

One of them was a woman with seaweed chips. They were organic, kosher, and marketed as 'chips' to try to drum up interest. I didn't see anyone stopping to snag these. The woman was in the droning cadence of someone trying to bring customers over: "Hey, folks: come 'n get these seaweed chips. They're organic, all-natural chips. If you like sushi .. if you like seaweed .. you'll love these .."
I thought - if you like seaweed ..?
There were a couple of curious folks who gave the little paper cups a glance, but no one picked them up to actually eat one.

If it comes to this anyone who wants them can have my mushrooms. MOTW, I wouldn't have eaten them either.

MOTW, they had those here too! Hard pass.

Cindy, I'll take your mushrooms if you take my Brussels sprouts..

I envision dining in the Afterlife Cafe;

"Welcome to Heaven here is your steak and lobster with a nice bottle of wine."

Then we have,

"Welcome to Hell, once again we are serving only seaweed and mushroom puree with a wilted kale salad."

That's not all that would survive. How in the world does a British newspaper forget Keith Richards?

I thought cockroaches are also going to survive. That's extra protein!

Sushi rolls are wrapped in seaweed (norii). Carrageenan is an additive made from seaweed, and used as a thickener in Reddi Whip, ice cream, jelly, chocolate milk, infant formula, cottage cheese, toothpaste, etc.
If you aren't eating it now, you need to seek kelp.

I just imagine people surviving a nuclear war and then find out that everything they can eat is seaweed and mushrooms.

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