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January 02, 2020


Yes, we're late. We resolve to try to be less late next year.


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Dave, I figured you were hiding from all the "celebratory" Miami New Year's gunfire.

That's a good New Year's resolution, and one that can readily be renewed each year.

Jeff, the celebratory gunfire in my neighborhood was overshadowed by the guy half a block down the street who apparently bought out a fireworks stand.

Of course, the cops are way too busy with all the drunks to fool with shooting off fireworks illegally inside the city limits. Which was good, as the guy put on a good show. Very enjoyable.

Late is just the more leisurely version of on time.

Wishing everyone a New Year filled with prosperity and all that stuff, especially an influx of those useless material things to satisfy your good-for-nothing, yet charitable ego. And hopefully the New Year brings a renewed interest in faith and that Norman Greenbaum song.

Rod, apparently our fireworks guy moved here from Maritime Canada, as he started the show at 10:30. At least it was over well before midnight.

Happy New Year to all of you frabjabulously amusing Blogfolk!

There was a big deal on the morning 'news' about how people don't keep their New Year's resolutions. I am proud to say that I am still keeping the resolution I made 10 years ago to never make another resolution.

Our fireworks guy moved this summer so it was quiet in my neighborhood. I gave up making resolutions years ago. Not because I think I'm perfect but because I usually forget what they were by the second week in January.

Cindy, if you can remember your resolution by the second DAY of January, it means you had a lousy New Year's Eve.

с новым годом товарищ

What ever Suzie Q Wacvet said!

Susie Q - Спасибо

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