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January 15, 2020


Komodo dragon tore apart BBC cameras after trying to have sex with the equipment during Spy in the Wild II filming

(Thanks to Doug Ogg and Barry Nester)


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"The technology — worth tens of thousands of pounds — was hidden inside an imitation female placed inside a pack of the giant lizards..."

There's your trouble.

This evening on BBC's "Wild Sex" we offer this...

Why should humans be the only species allowed to use sex robots?

"the Komodo dragon mating attempt also produced some unique footage"

Thank God that, as an American, I don't get the BBC.

And just what did we learn from this? Komodo dragons are not to play (AKA have sex) with.

I wonder how they explained this to the insurance company.

- Rod - Hopefully their policy didn't have a reptile dysfunction.

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