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January 14, 2020


This is a video of Youtuber Nick Uhas constructing and launching a giant paper airplane (actually made of insulating foam board) off the top of a mountain.

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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I wonder what looks I would get bringing a plane like that on the commuter train to launch from a tall building in a major city to remain unnamed

If that city was in California, you'd just be blending in with the scenery.

Of course he constructed it onsite. It would never fit through the door of his mother's basement.

Now THAT is super cool! Go Nick Uhas!

(P.S. @Rod - It is in California... Southern California, specifically the Santa Monica Mountains.)

If this happened in Texas that paper airplane wouldn't fly two minutes before some hunter blew it out of the sky hoping to brag to his friends at the roadhouse that he'd shot the biggest Canadian goose in history.

Boeing will be calling him any time now. They need somebody who can keep a plane in the air.

Aren't RC gliders like 30 years old?

OK, millennial.

Mythbusters did in concrete:

Do not let the squirrels get a hold of it.

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