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January 25, 2020


A man dressed in an Easter Bunny costume was arrested last Thursday after he attempted to evade deputies following a hit-and-run crash in Seminole County, the Florida Highway Patrol said.

(Thanks to Ralph and Suzie Q Wacvet)


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Key middle name we are not making fun of: Tyrkee.

It's too early for the Easter Bunny. If he'd been dressed like Cupid nobody would have thought anything about it.

Silly wabbit.

The incident started when Mr.McDonald's hair exploded.

I assume the name is pronounced "turkey".

Police officer was overheard at the time of capture: "Hands up, Tyrkee!"
Seriously: why would his parents slap a name like that on a kid
when his last name is already McDonald?

Officer 1: Should we start a foot chase for the guy in an Easter Bunny outfit?
Officer 2: I say we get a hop in it
Officer 1 [Deploys Tazer]

Probably hopping down the bunny trail.

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