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January 22, 2020


GM to debut autonomous car without a steering wheel, report says

(Thanks to Rod Nunley)


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I feel like my great Grand Mother when electricity was introduced. She was scared of it and stuck with the "safer" gas lighting. My mom was so embarresed since her grandmother's house was the only one that glowed. Back to the geezer bus.....

So when you need to get a new set of wheels, you'll only need to buy 4.

This is perfect for millennials who wander thru life with no objectives. You can just get in and drive to nowhere while checking out your 'new' friends.

What could possibly go wrong?

And you wonder why GM is in trouble.

the company is looking to “move beyond the car”

Everyone repeat with me: We were promised flying cars!

MOTW, I sent Dave a link to a story regarding just that. Maybe he'll use it.

It's a spooky feeling to have a steering wheel go missing. I know because it happened to me many years ago late one New Year's Eve. After a while,I finally figured out I was sitting in the back seat.

This is nothing new. The first car with a steering wheel wasn't developed until 1894. Many early cars were steered with a tiller, right into the teens. After all, a carriage didn't have a steering wheel, so why should a horseless carriage?

Electric horses.

Memories of someone stealing my steering wheel caused me to recall another rather embarrassing incident. I was sitting in the back seat of my car when a couple of friends came out and told me I had too much to drink and they were driving me home. Since my car didn't have a steering wheel, I agreed. I was riding in the passenger seat, then really had to go to a restroom. When I returned, somehow, someway, I have never been able to recreate, I shut my ear in the car door. I still have a lump on my right ear to remind me to slow down on drinking, even it it is New Year's Eve.

Wow Le Pet - that is impressive.

Sorry Le Pet about your ear but I'm laughing.

Reminds me of 2 inebriated friends unable to join the party because they couldn't find the car door. They were in the back seat of a two door vehicle.

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