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January 19, 2020


‘Very fat’ sheep Yum Yum is rescued by fire crews after getting stuck

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Poor Yum Yum. I hope that name isn't a hint about his future.

It could be the next (Honey) Boo Boo sensation.

NC - He's probably safe. At 2 years old he's a tad old for lamb chops or crown roast of lamb. There's always leg of mutton, but most Aussie sheep are raised for wool.

Those are English sheep. Mutton is very popular there...
"Yum Yum, who lives in Holbury with his best friend Tasty"
Yep. They're bound for the dinner table. A friend here in Virginia gives his cattle names like "hamburger", "roast", and "short rib".

Safe and ready to make more Palme D'or Award winning documentaries.

When the farmer started taking about Yum Yum stew and tasty mutton chops the sheep knew they had to escape. Sadly, they found out too late they could never be free without a dog to herd them in the right direction.

Yum Yum is a (female) character in the Mikado. Maybe he's destined for the stage.

Reading all these sheep stories, however, I'm getting the idea that sheep are really dumb. So maybe the name is really Dumb Dumb.

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