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January 05, 2020


You don't want to know. Seriously.

(Thanks to Matt Filar)


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This proves the adage, "There's always one more kook out there."

UGH! The outer part of the ear actually has an important purpose. It directs sound waves into your ear. Not that it will matter with this moron since I doubt he listens to anything such as when people call him stupid.

Stop, now hey what's that sound
Someone point it out cause I can't tell the direction of what's going down

Ear-responsible behavior.

"Can you hear me now---uh, never mind."

Friends, Romans....

It will be easy for him to keep an ear to the ground as long as he remembers to look down.

What's the dif, adding a couple more holes in his head???

Women will likely find him earatating and not earresistable.

He may have a future career as an enginear but most employers would likely tell him to jump in Lake Earie.

Key takeaway:

Ear today

Gone tomorrow

He wanted to be able to hear the whistling wind on days it wasn't blowing much.

This will enhance his quality of life how?

Snork @ Ralph.

Amen, nursecindy.


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