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January 14, 2020


Michigan's first indoor dog park to open this summer, serve beer and wine

(Thanks to Kevin Meerschaert)


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I am required by the court order to declare that our Shih Tzu is a mean drunk

Oh, Michigan. We might be clear

Yeah, that's just what dogs want -- to be cooped up inside another building.

As the great Cecil Adams once said: "Dogs don’t bug me, it’s their idiotic owners."

What kind of beer and wine is made for the dogs? My cat does not like any of the beer I drink (but she has to check first). Maybe Bud Lite would be acceptable?

Qaz - the dog park says they are offering beer, which totally rules out Bud Lite.

There is nothing that accentuates the enjoyment of beer and wine more than the scent of dog pi$$.

Are the dogs toilet trained ?

ImNotDave, it might smell better than the beer being sold, if we assume the beer is one of the usual mainstream brands.

I had rather take my cat to an indoor cat park. They would have recliners and you could watch TV and be served real beer while your purring cat sleeps in your lap.
Of course my cat does this anyway, but I have to keep getting up and fetching my own beer.

I would love to visit this place with my dog. And you should visit this https://edit-proofread.com/blog/how-and-when-to-use-commas website now.

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