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January 16, 2020


Scientists Create Living Concrete

(Thanks to Steve K)


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At the very least this could inspire another bad movie,
"Attack of the Living Concrete."
Or possibly--
"Return of the Hardened Blob."

Coming to a theater near you: "DFW Airport Devours Dallas"

An aside - when the French Concorde Jet landed for the first time at DFW airport, the pilot looked around and said, "Concrete must be cheap here."

This stuff could eventually propagate enough to kill us.
If so, it will be premeditated mortar!

Yog Shoggoth

The bad movie cliche may be more accurate than we know. Cyanobacteria are known for producing neurotoxins like BMAA, which may be contributing factors to ALS, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, etc. Some of it can be airborne.

While this probably wouldn't be of any significance once the concrete has dried, I wouldn't want to be around the wet product.

Reminds me of the Star Trek episode where that living rock thing pitted Kirk, Spock, and Abe Lincoln against Genghis Khan and other evil types in a fight to the death.

And Steve K., as a native of Fort Worth, there's nothing I'd like better than ANYTHING that would devour Dallas.

Rod Nunley - B-}

I'm here in Houston, 'nuff said.

While we are searching for places that need devouring, might I add Washington as my pick?

I thought taco restaurants created that years ago.

Rod Nunley--Kinky Friedman wrote "How to get to Heaven or Hell without going through Dallas-Fort worth" in his Guide to Texas Etiquette.
You might find a copy helpful.

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