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January 30, 2020


Hamilton bar pulls Corona-coronavirus promotion

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Hmm...all along I thought that the Toyota virus, in Corona and Corolla was it, but then I found the cigar virus, which came in Corona, Corolla and Panatella versions.

I bet these guys would have been a riot during the plague. I read that Plantar's will not be showing the Mr. Peanut commercial during the Super Bowl because of the death of Kobe Bryant. It's nice to know some advertisers still have a small amount of common sense.

We have cancelled plans to go anywhere an Asia person may be.

If you order Tsing Tsao you get Corona with Lyme instead.

I don't condone this particular marketing scheme, but there is more than a grain of truth in his remark about "a small but loud minority of people who get offended by everything and I can always rely on them to get triggered."

I agree with nursecindy's take on this and believe her use of plantars instead of Planters was intentional. The pub's attempt at humor came across like a sore wart.
Attempts at humor often comes across wrong, but this wasn't funny.
Maybe they should watch some Monty Python, Old Saturday Night Live or read some Dave Barry?

Le Petomane, I'm on week four of not smoking. Do NOT mess with me. Actually sometimes I just can't spell.
I agree they could improve their humor with some Monty Python and the others. May I also suggest a few Mel Brooks movies? Start with "Blazing Saddles".

What was that song by the KNACK..."My Corona"?

You're telling me this isn't just another name for the brown-bottle flu? Crap.


Wash your hands regularly

Use face mask

Have your temperature checked often

Avoid large crowds

Never touch your face without washing your hands first

Man Tom makes a point
Wuhan was the city where I taught English in '86-'87

If a contract was such that a teacher had to stay in Wuhan, I'd take their place if a family couldn't evacuate without someone covering.

It's a Wuhan expat thing.

If anybody was stupid, it was the distributor, for not realizing that this would work, and likely increase sales far above usual.

Besides, the beer would kill the virus, but the virus in the beer might make it taste better.

NMUA for president.

May do the beer what AIDS did to that diet candy. Remember? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MxJDobrrOYA

nursecindy--I honestly intended to complement you on spelling plantars. But I am glad you are quitting smoking.
There really isn't much humor in having a shifting antigen flu virus on the loose. I helped a doctor friend writing a medical thriller about the return of the Spanish flu that killed many thousands in 1918. Antibiotics won't work and the surgical masks doesn't stop you from getting it, but may stop infected people from spreading it to others.

Washing your hands and avoiding crowds is about all one can do. Watch the excellent movie, The Andromeda Strain, because it is accurate and written by an MD.
It is also frightening.

Bravo to nursecindy! We're all proud with you.

I currently have the flu. Yes, I got the flu shot. I started Tamiflu a day and a half ago. I still feel like I've been pushed down 10 flights of stairs for several days.

I am not yet strong enough to watch comedy because laughing out loud causes very painful coughing spasms when my ribs already feel like they're bruised. I need a smile at this point, not a laugh. Smiling's good. That's why I'm here.

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