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January 07, 2020


Mississippi men tried cashing in lottery ticket after gluing on the winning numbers, officials say

(Thanks to Matt Filar and The Perts)


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No photo of the ticket (for amusement purposes), but they included the two mug shots with the heads cut off. Brilliant reporting.

I could have told them this wouldn't work.

"Men." Two of them thought this would work.

Years ago, a young couple, along with the girl's father, tried to submit three winning Million dollar Lotto tickets to the same redemption center. Since it was painfully obvious they had composed them from losing tickets taped together, the agent helpfully informed them that it was a federal crime to falsify lottery tickets. The father and his daughter took the advice and ran, but the brilliant son-in-law stayed and insisted that his was legit. So the agent called the Feds, and the lad won an all-expenses paid trip to the slammer.

Should have used duct tape.

"If you aint cheatin, you aint trying".

wanderer2575--Maybe the photographer left their heads off in the mugshots to point out they weren't using them for anything.

Stixnstonz, and you lived to tell the tale?

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