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January 12, 2020


Man in Scotland accused of having sex with fence, minibus while drunk

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Now this is something we have never seen before up here in Flathead County.

Too many splintered split rail fences in Flathead County. The attraction is to urban chainlink fences.

Unlike Flathead County, there are no farm animals in the city, so any port in a storm with the minibus.

Splinters in your winkie are nothing to laugh about although I would have if he'd come into my ER.

I'm surprised. I thought the people in Scotland only fought after they drank.

Rod, that's the Irish. Scots only fight if they run out of whiskey.

@pogo - Please. In Scotland they only drink whisky.

- pogo - The Irish will only fight under two conditions, if the Sun is shining or the sun id not shining.

ImNot, I think the Scots are so busy fighting that they don't know whether the sun is shining or not.

Was it a consenting knothole?

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