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January 10, 2020


Keegan Byars  told police that he had purchased two cheeseburgers at a nearby gas station. He reportedly ate one of the burgers and then placed the other one on the bedside table. When he woke up hours later, the cheeseburger was gone, according to the police report.

Shocker: The officer noted in the report that Byars was "extremely intoxicated."

(Thanks to Ralph and Dorkfish)


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This always happens to me when I have food around.

Either he ate it in his sleep or some concerned person took it before he could eat it.

I'm with nursecindy. He woke up - sort of - and ate it, then fell back to sleep and didn't remember eating it. Or maybe it really was the Hamburglar.

The guy's breath was so alcohol-laden that the burger got drunk on it and wandered off. It's out there lost somewhere.

This incident wouldn't have made the news here in Flathead County.

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