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January 09, 2020


Man ransacks home, steals toilet seat

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Needless to say, police have nothing to go on.

Before the police took him anywhere I would have made him clean up the mess he'd made. By the time I got through with him jail would look like an ideal place to be.

He was hiding in the woods, but the cops flushed him out.

Jeff, Jeff, Jeff, that was like shooting fish in a barrel. Well done though !

Jeff - Due to your long and distinguished history of using the line consistently and reliably, we are hereby officially designating that comment as "The Meyerson".
I present you with this Laurel, and Hardy handshake...
[Polite clapping]

Odd that the woman didn't seem to understand that EVERYTHING that goes on "in there" is "very intense".

Well, Dave is the one who usually uses the comment, but since he didn't today, I had no compunction about stealing it.

Hey - he just didn’t want to be unprepared. When you gotta go, you gotta go.

As I often hear in my neighborhood: Wanna buy a lid?

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