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January 21, 2020


Wild elephant walks into Sri Lankan hotel and gently wanders around

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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Natta Kota, the elephant, walked into the bar and ordered a beer.
"That'll be $200" said the bartender. "We don't get many elepants in here" he added.
To which Natta Kota replied, "And at these prices, you won't get many more".

I'm here untill Thursday. Try the veal

Glad they specified a wild one, not to be confused with the tame ones walking around.

There is a story about the child of an American family who worked in India several years. The boy ran across a starving baby elephant. He took it home, restored it to health and they became fast friends. There came a time when the family went back home and he was forced to leave his elephant friend behind.
Some years later he returned to look at his old home. Then an elephant came out trumpeting. He knew his old friend recognized him and ran to greet the elephant. The elephant wrapped his trunk around him and started beating him on the ground.
Must not have been the same elephant.

5* Le Pet

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