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January 28, 2020


Firefighters smash minivan’s windows, run hose through front seats to reach hydrant

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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What kind of idiot parks in front of a fire hydrant?

I worked in NYC.
When there was a car blocking a fire hydrant, the firemen would bust out the wndows, then use a short connector hose to attach the regular hose to the hydrant.
The short hose was a 'leaker' that allowed one or two gallons a minute of water to leak into the car.
After the fire was out, the soaked, window-less car would be towed...
And the abmulances in the city had bumpers made our out of heavy 4" x 8" wood, with very large bolts holding the bumpers in place. During amublance runs, if a car didn't move out of the way quickly enough, the ambulance would 'nudge' them along. The bolts weren't kind to fenders or paint jobs.


Believe me, MOTW, in my neighborhood in Brooklyn, there is daily enforcement of people parking on the Avenue whose money runs out in the meter (well, we have to buy tickets rather than feed the meter these days, but same thing) yet virtually NOT enforcement for people who park near meters, even if they are directly in front of them like this moron. (Many of them have their Police Department cards in the window, though they are not on duty handling a crime scene, just parking outside their homes. There is one guy who parks his Mercedes in front of a hydrant across the street from us daily even if there are legal spots available.

So I applaud the Camden Fire Department for this.

There's a meme for that.

My buddy is a fireman, and he said it is a coveted task to be the window breaker in situations like this.

Now we know how the phrase "getting Hosed" got started.

In New Jersey, they couldn't just recruit a passing car thief to move it?

That's a lesson they should only have to learn once. Well done CFD! I bet they get giddy when they see something like that.

Just to be clear: I'm on the side of the fire department here. The idiot who parked his/her car there got what they deserved.
Thanks for the laughs, y'all. I am really sick right now. Waiting on blood draw to determine if it is the flu or my 'usual' (asthmatic bronchitis), because the nasal swab that pushes the device up to my hairline turned out negative.

(not saying anything about devices 'mysteriously entering' bodily orifices)

I hope they used KY jelly.

MOTW--I know what you mean about medical tests. I once had a brain scan for headaches. The Dr. rather ominously told they couldn't find anything.

But seriously, it can be worse when they do find something. I'm trying to recover from 14 days in ICU and heart bypass surgery.
Keep laughing. Mel Brooks said humor is the only reason he has lived into his 90's. Just think of all the good Dave Barry has done and keeps doing.

As Spock said, "May you live long and prosper."

Get better, MOTW and Le Pet!

Remember: The tests are always "inclusive."

All you can do is laugh. When I was in the hospital a couple years ago due to some mysterious internal bleeding, they wheeled me down for a CT scan. They had just built a new CT unit and someone mentioned I was the first official patient to use it. They had a little trouble wheeling my gurney in because whoever designed the room apparently wasn't aware of the width of gurneys or the size of the machine, so getting me in and out was like navigating through a hoarder's basement. Then I was just laying there for the longest time while whispered conversations were going on in the control room, probably the technicians trying to find the user manual on Google. And then I looked up at the ceiling. There was a translucent picture of a park scene, obviously there to calm the patients. Except it was upside down. I mentioned this to a tech, and he said whoever was in charge of placing the picture (probably the same genius who designed the rest of the room) didn't know most patients go into the CT feet first.

I was back in the hospital a year later with a mysterious virus and high fever. Nothing had changed in the CT unit.

wanderer2575--When I was in the OR being prepped for surgery, I heard one Dr. Exclaim loudly, OOPS!

Now OOPS! is something you REALLY don't want to hear just before the slicing starts.

In my cohort for an online MBA, one of the projects involved a startup MRI company in California. The student noted that California had a relative shortage of cadavers that could be used for the setup testing, while New Jersey had a surplus.

The instructor asked, "Why is that?"
My interjected response was "New Jersey won the coin toss and chose toxic waste and dead bodies. California got the lawyers"

I was cut off before I was able to cite the use of living lawyers to replace cadavers.

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