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January 27, 2020


Rhode Island man accidentally shot himself in the scrotum while in bed

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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He amazingly had the balls to admit this. Billy the Kid would never.

Alert the Darwin Award people.

Appendix carry, round chambered, no safety on the weapon.

“Non life threatening injuries.” I guess that depends on your definition of “living”.

Wait a minute...he had to pull down his pants and look to know where he'd been shot? You'd think he would have known right away!

I suppose they can't say this guy is nuts anymore.

Dang, Snowman beat me to it!

Paging Dick Tracy for undercover case...

I always hate it when this happens.

That was my first thought too Rod Nunley. Unless he's a real numbnuts kind of guy.

Rhode Island, no wonder.

So, I'm guessing he was NOT shooting blanks.

The only way to stop a dumb guy with a gun, is.... well, himself, quite often.

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