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January 28, 2020


Their most successful endeavour yet occurred earlier this month, when a pack of eight dogs managed to kill no less than 730 rats in only seven hours.

(Thanks to Suzie Q Wacvet)


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All eight of those dogs are good boys/girls!

Send those dogs to Washington.

Send those dogs to New York.

It IS the year of the rat!

Once upon a time, I had both a dog and a cat. The dog was a border collie mix that killed any possum, rat, or (best of all!) squirrel that made the mistake of coming into the yard.

The cat was a no-account con artist who tried to claim credit for all the dog's kills by bringing them to show me. But I'd seen the dog make the kills.

Instead of dogs, I wonder if they considered 8 Burmese pythons ? Probably wouldn't be as quick though....

LeDud — Burmese Pythons on a pig farm? The pigs are better meals for them than the rats.

This will make Willard angry. He loves his rats and it's really never a good idea to make him angry.

This will upset Willard. Willard loves his rats and it's never a good idea to upset him.

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