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January 22, 2020


‘Furries’ pulled assaulter out of vehicle, sat on him

(Thanks to DaninDallas and Doug Ogg)


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These folks will be rewarded in the after life. Hence the expression "Hell hath no Furries"

/non-funny comment/
One morning while waiting at a stop light to turn into the high school parking lot, I watched as the driver in the car ahead of me began to assault the passenger .. a student. I was so enraged by what I saw that I jotted down the license plate number, parked my car, and walked straight in to the AP's office. I gave her the information and asked that she contact the school resource officer to investigate the driver. I also asked that, perhaps, she could get a counselor to contact the poor student to see if help was needed. I mean .. stuck in traffic, not able to escape, and a full-grown man raining down blows. Some kind of coward he was. I can't ever un-see what I saw.
Of course, the AP could not tell me anything in detail because this involved a juvenile, but she did later thank me and say that things were working out.
/end non-funny comment/

First came the man to the rescue. And then came the dinosaur, the tiger and the cowboy.

Reboot of the Village People?

non-funny comment
Good for you, MOTW. Too many people would literally look the other way.
/non-funny comment

The Senate will never convict him.

The guy was just lucky not to be detained by having a six-foot-tall 200 pound squirrel with BO and fleas sit on him.

Another idea for a Vegas theme wedding.

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